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Take a website healthcheck, some SEO insights, improve your Google & Facebook presence, build your online reputation and make a huge difference with your online marketing too.

Local Business Wellbeing Solutions!

Local SEO, Online Marketing & Web Consultancy Services

google my business reports

"Google My Business"

My web consultancy services provides you with a full analysis of how you are looking on GMB with suggestions on improvements and insights into what may be holding you back.

Using the latest technology, I can pinpoint exactly what is good and not-so-good about your presence on GMB and make viable and helpful suggestions.

Full analytical reports created covering a wide range of issues such as, Category, Reviews, Ratings, Status, GMB Photos, GMB Posts, Claimed Listings, Your Top Competitors and their Statuses, Website Responsiveness, Mobile Friendliness, Social Media Analysis, Video Analysis, Optimization. How about a free taster?

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seo reports

Local SEO Reports

If you are looking to attract local customers, then local SEO can be very effective indeed.

The competition isn’t prohibitive and you achieve a far higher ranking on Google & the other main searches for local keywords. Get in front of thousands of potential local customers.

Combining on-page SEO with some of the outside factors such as backlinks, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, we can cook up a recipe for success.

Offering comprehensive analytical  reports on a wide range of SEO issues regarding your website and giving some helpful suggestions to improve things for you.

Local businesses need local customers. Let’s help you achieve more!

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Facebook & Social Reports

Let’s look at your Facebook effectiveness. I provide detailed, in depth reports and analyses to help uncover hidden flaws which may be holding you back and offer helpful suggestions to make much needed improvements.

A well optimised Facebook Page will pay dividends with finding local customers, looking to spend their money with you!

Offering a full analytical report on the state of play with your current business page and suggestions to help put it the way it should be, to get noticed.

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video marketing promotions

Promotional Videos

I provide high-quality videos, from short promos and explainers, to production standard. Using experienced videographers, you get a quality product and an excellent price.

Videos designed to help build your brand  and increase customer engagement. Explainers, Product Presentations, Training, Sales & Marketing. From small presentations to full production mode.

Live video, animated whiteboard, graphics & characters… what do you want to achieve?

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mobile web apps

Social Media Marketing

Social marketing solutions, as part of my web consultancy services, for small to medium sized businesses. Every case is overseen by a professional and is run on a project by project basis.

Facebook & Twitter… even instagram. You and your business will be looked after at every turn by a friendly consultant who knows exactly what they are doing!

Pay per click advertising, Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter and a host more besides.

Whatever you want to achieve… leads, sales, visits, likes, engagement, brand building… just ask and I will find the right solution for you.

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mobile web apps

Mobile Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A fast and effective, low cost alternative to native bespoke apps.

Promote your business, create brand awareness and engage new and old customers for a fraction of the cost. No App Stores, No Downloading, No Problem!

Promote, develop customer loyalty, engagement, brand awareness, take bookings, appointments, show off your images, add your contact details, puzzles, quizzes, surveys. Give your customers a reason to come back for more! 

Let’s discuss what you need to achieve.

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Here To Help With Your Success

Let’s start with some freebies!

Google My Business

Just to show you what a nice chap I am, I’m offering you a free analytical report, just so you can see you what you can actually achieve.

Let’s run up your Google My Business Report as part of my web consultancy services and I will email it over. It will show you everything you have and have not done (and what should really be there to help you get more attention).

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How about we do the work for you and fix your GMB so it works like a treat?

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Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Want a report on how your Facebook and other Social Pages are looking? Let’s see what else needs to be done, what’s missing, what should be done… or a congratulatory pat on the back for getting everything right!

This agency offers Facebook & other social media consultation to help you make more of an impact, get your message out there and attract more customers. We can do all that for you… so you can get on with running your business.

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How about we do the work for you and fix your Facebook Page so it brings you more visitors and business?

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Local SEO

I offer a detailed analytical report on what your Website’s on-page SEO Looks like. You will be surprised as to what you may have missed. Let’s see how we can help you put that right and improve your results.

Local SEO can be very effective as you are not trying to compete with the whole of the world! Just your local area where your customers lurk. See if we can help flush them out for you and get them excited enough to spend with you, not your competition!

I offer a range of helpful SEO solutions:

  • Project Consultancy
  • SEO Analytical Reports
  • Web Site Comparisons
  • Keyword suggestions
    • Shows you the suggested data from:
      Google, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Shopping, Google News and Bing
  • Best local search questions

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Looking to do your own SEO work?

Take a look at SEO DEPOT which is an associated site. It’s full of software widgets and comprehensive Ebooks on the subject. [Find Out More] (Opens in a new window)


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