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Looking for a low cost, highly effective mobile app for your business? Want to own an app to provide constant promotion and exposure for your business? Brand awareness too? Get in touch…


The mobile phone is the finest marketing tool there is! You can get your business onto people’s smartphones, so that they stay aware of your brand and products, daily. How about some of that?


Brand Awareness

Get your brand out there and tell them all about it. Your app will be fully branded to your business giving people an incentive to trust you. Engage visitors and hook them onboard.



Engaging buying customers is one thing, developing loyalty is another. Keep a constant flow of incentive coupons showing on your app. Create offers and reasons to come back and increase spend.

Why Mobile Web Apps?

Great Results, Low Cost

To develop a bespoke app costs thousands of pounds. Why would you need an app costing this much, to promote your business? Probably never. Many people get put off having an app created for their business… because of costs!

Years ago it was the same with web sites. High design & development costs put people off… until better soloutions came along and brought costs down with them.

My Mobile Web Apps start life as a bare template into which I add all your goodies, branding, promotional stuff and business info. What you get is a marketing powerhouse with your business all over it!

No App Stores. No Play Stores. No downloading. No problem.

Graham J McLusky (MD)

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Your PWA App will work on any browser, any device, anywhere. A fully functioning mobile app at an affordable price.

Want A Demo?

Try my demo web app

This could be your marketing powerhouse with your business all over it!

This is the age of the PWA (Progressive Web App)

No App Stores. No Play Stores. No downloading.

  • View this page on your mobile device by scanning the QR code below. Or if you are already on your mobile, then just tap the code for the live link.
  • You will see my demo web app come up.
  • Set the app’s icon to your homescreen and you will be able to view it any time you like.
  • Take a tour around for some ideas and features which could form a part of your new web app.

Try it out and see for yourself.

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So what’s good about these apps?

The PWA (Progressive Web App)

This is becoming a popular ocurrence with businesses. They are quick to develop and get up and running. They are not necessarily complex and are built in the same way as one would build a web site… but designed to look good on a mobile screen.

You reach the app via the internet on a mobile browser. No downloads, no app stores. Once you have the app showing on your device, you set the icon to your homescreen. Open the PWA app via the icon and you are now viewing a mobile app, with no browser bar and other clutter.

As it runs as a web app, you can even have web push messaging, which asks the user if they would like to accept notifications when they first see the app.

Another great reason to have a PWA is that extra features can be very cheap to include… like puzzles, loyalty coupons, surveys and quizzes, restaurant menus and ordering, takeaway ordering etc. They are quick to get up and running too. Perhaps just a matter of a week or two.

The standard PWA which I produce is low cost to set up and low cost to run and you may also have access to the admin area to perform certain content updates whenever you need.

Bespoke Native Apps

Despite all this, I do produce native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Designed from the ground up to handle pretty much anything you want it to do. They take a lot longer to produce as normally they involve a lot of codewriting and testing.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss anything.

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Guideline Pricing

The Best Solutions for Your Business

Micro Mobile App


Browser Based Only
Choice Of Two Templates
Homepage with links
Logo / Branding
4 Pages
Contact details
Monthly Hosting Cost £10
Bespoke Domain Name (POA)

Standard PWA


Multipage PWA
Plenty Of Menu Pages
Contact Form
Booking Request Form
Price List Page
Offers Page
Admin Control Panel

Monthly Admin Pack


[This is required to run the PWA App]
Fully Hosted
Regular Backups
Changes & Updates
Software Updates
Full Customer Support
Help & Advice
Friendly Voice On The Phone!
Bespoke Domain Name (POA)

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